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Alicia Evans
​Event Coordinator & Designer

Alicia has the most wonderful, organized, and creative mind. Her expansive experience in project management, creative design implementation and the ability to exceed client expectation while providing a high level of customer service has made her one of our best assets! She is passionate about helping her clients to create those magical moments that will become the best lifetime memories. To help her be the best she can be, Alicia has achieved her certification as an International Wedding Planner as well as her Event Decorating Professional Certification

Kendra McMasters , ​Owner
​Business Manager


Kendra graduated from UCSB and now runs the business end of this company as well as our sister company Chairs For Affairs Party Rentals. With over 20 years of customer service, management and sales under her belt, she is always focused on making sure Chairs for Affairs has the best products and service around.

Nicolette Fleming
Event Coordinator & Designer

Nicolette Fleming is a young creative designer working in the Bay Area. Her love and admiration for femininity in all aspects drives her design decisions. Having a background in dance and the performing arts helps her to not only tell a captivating story, but also evoke a variety of emotions through her designs. She attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) and received her degree in Visual Communications. The wide variety of skills that she gained from her time at FIDM has made her a well rounded designer specializing in event planning, branding and styling, graphic design, and fabrication.

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Alli Connorton
Project Manager /  Corporate Planner


Creative, with impeccable taste, practical and capable of managing logistics, tech, decor, registration, food and beverage, accommodations, budget and scores of direct reports, Allison is a planner’s planner. Her years at Williams-Sonoma and Apple honed her discerning eye for quality and ability to translate design concepts into physical environments and engaging productions. Whether the purpose of the event is to bring people together to learn, bond as a team, live it up, or all of the above, Alli is acutely aware of the impact the purpose of the event should have on its environment, its design and perhaps most importantly, the guest experience. 
Alli's primary area of expertise is in large scale event and conference management. She is a graduate of Texas Tech University with a Bachelor's in Photography and Communications and former projects/clients include: Apple, Williams-Sonoma, Expressworks International and SynBioBeta.

Lena Setzermann
Project Manager /  Corporate Planner


Lena left Germany after earning a degree in Art and Design to receive her Bachelor’s at UC Berkeley. She has a passion for the event industry that she can trace back to her pre-professional days. She started working on her event planning skills as the volunteer lead at Safeway Corporate, tradeshow planning, and as the Culture and Events Planner at Keller Williams Realty. Lena enjoys seeing a detailed event come to life, where people grow and expand their network both personally and professionally. Lena’s principal focus are large scale events and conferences. 

Rayna Hess, Owner
​Event Coordinator & Designer

With a degree in Design & Visualization as well as over 17 years of event coordination experience, Rayna's specialty is in corporate event planning however, with over 200 weddings under her belt, she can take on anything you throw at her! Being a certified wedding planner she is current on all laws, trends and is an experienced problem solver with an "out of the box" style of thinking! 

​“Every problem has a solution. You just have to be creative enough to find it.” Travis Kalanick

Herman Li
Project Manager / Corporate Planner


Herman is a jack of all trades.  He holds a bachelor of science in pure mathematics from the University of Texas.  He has most recently worked in all aspects of the service industry, taught Mathematics at a private high school in Mexico, still works as an analyst for a consulting firm, and of course coordinates events large and small.  From weddings on the beach in Tulum, Mexico, to large industry conferences in the Bay, Herman has been part of the coordination team.  He has a unique ability to see a space as it could be, not as it is! He also works with all social media platforms, event apps, and marketing.